Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Can we be done now, please?

It's time to end the debacle in Afghanistan. There are real American (and other country's) sons and daughters dying in Afghanistan, and it's become clear that continuing is pointless.

We can't "win" in Afghanistan simply by military action alone. The military, at best, can create a security climate in which an Afghan government can take firm hold. Unfortunately, President Karzai is showing little interest or ability in establishing a country wide government. Tribalism and corruption are preventing any real gains in good governance. Frankly, good government just isn't part of Afghan culture, at least lately.

I am convinced that we are wasting our troops, treasure and time in Afghanistan. We should wind down with all deliberate speed. If the country goes to hell after we leave, fine, let it. We gave it our best shot. It might be different if it appeared that they were serious about solving their problems, but such does not seem to be the case. All we're doing now is pouring money into the pockets of various strongmen in Afghanistan and the military-industrial complex in the US.

Yes, there is a risk of setting up another safe haven for Al Qaeda. That can be handled by satellite surveillance, by diverting some of the war bucks into human intel ops, and other means of detecting terrorist camps and bases. And when we detect them, we take them out.

Anybody out there volunteer for their child to die honorably fighting the Afghan war? Does anyone think that such a death is necessary? Would anyone equate that death with soldiers who died in the Revolutionary War, or either of the World Wars?

Our troops are willing to sacrifice their lives for America and the American way of life. The Afghan war will accomplish no goal justifying such a sacrifice.

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