Monday, June 21, 2010

Air travel

I'm traveling again this week. Nashville, where I've never been, so that should be interesting. A couple of thoughts from the road. I wonder why stewardesses get so cranky about the back of your seat being fully upright for landing. You know, how far do those things recline 2-3 degrees? About 3-4 inches, tops. Does it really matter?

Also, I love walking through the airport in the early AM, because it cracks me up seeing people drinking beer in the bars at 0800.

Well, that's about it for now. Oh, one other thing. I never walk into an airport restroom any more without thinking about Larry Craig. Yeesh.


fortboise said...

Back when flight attendants were called "stewardesses," the seats weren't so close together, and they could actually recline some, and having the seats all the way forward would make a difference in being able to get out in a hurry.

I've never had to do that, in hundreds of flights. But if you're sitting in front of me, put your seat all the way forward and quicherbichtin.

Alan said...

My friend, I think you are a bit irony challenged.

fortboise said...

Not at all, I'm just crankier than thou. (With no good reason, though, I'll admit. Haven't been on an airplane in so long, the frequent flyer programs are booting me.)