Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yes, that's how it works

The Statesman reported on changes coming to the kindergarten program in Meridian. In order to accommodate shrinking budgets, the school district is taking various cost saving measures. One of the biggies is having kindergartners go for a full day, every other day, instead of half days 5 days a week. One upshot of this is, parents will most likely end up paying for more day care.

And see, that's exactly how it's supposed to work out. Meridian voters elect some pretty conservative legislators. Marv Hagedorn and Shirley McKague, for example. Mike Moyle, Russ Fulcher, and other conservatives also have part of their districts in Meridian. These legislators are among the "no taxes for any reason" crowd. That seems to be what the majority of the good folks in Meridian want.

So, perfect. Elect a "keep taxes low at all costs" legislator. Shift stable property taxes to the sales tax. When the economy hits a down cycle and revenue drops, cut school budgets. Then the conservative Meridian voters (the ones with young children) get to pay more for day care. Pretty much, they're getting what they voted for. I wonder if they like it?

BTW, Americans paid less in income taxes in 2009 than in any year since Truman was President. If we're Taxed Enough Already, yet we're paying less taxes than even under Saint Ronnie, when do those folks ever decide that some level of taxation is acceptable? Never, I suspect. I don't think they're entirely informed/rational.

Also BTW, sorry for the hiatus in posting. I've been under the weather lately, but now seem to be coming around.

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