Sunday, May 23, 2010

What's next? Tyrannosaurus Rex moms?

Sarah Palin's famous coming out speech on national TV during the McCain-Palin campaign featured the metaphor (or was it a simile?) "hockey moms." You remember the big laugh line: "How's a hockey mom different from a pit bull? Lipstick!" Har har har.

Well, now Palin has invoked grizzly bears for her next rootin' tootin' butt-kickin' mom metaphor, saying that "mama grizzlies" are coming to take the country back. (First you gotta ask, back from whom? That black guy?)

So, where does she go from here? How do you escalate from mama grizzlies? She's already used elephants. Mama blue whale? Nah, to tree-hugger save-the-whales. Mama great white sharks? Meh, no, who wants to identify with a shark? (Answer: lawyers. Ha!)

Saber toothed tigers? Pterodactyls? Woolly mammoths? Tyrannosaurus'? Okay, but then where? Mama death asteroids? Mama black holes? "You don't want to mess with those mama block holes, when they take back our country they'll vortex your ass so fast it'll make your head spin, mister, and you'll never see the light of day again, also."

I just watched SP on Fox News on Sunday. She's definitely something else. A real live wire. Great at hitting R talking points and bashing Dems, and looking good doing it. But, I get the feeling "there's no there, there." Another empty suit. Sigh. Someone called her "George Bush in a skirt." You betcha, too.

Update: This is a bit snarkier than my usual writing, and I think that Palin just somehow brings that out in me. So, this is probably my last Palin post.

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Sisyphus said...

What's wrong with snark? I don't leave the house without it.

As far as her new frontier woman shtick, check out McJoan's response.