Saturday, May 22, 2010

Palin Ward

So, Sarah Palin comes to town to raise funds for Vaughn Ward, and draws something like 1,100- 1,500 folks. Seems a bit embarrassing that the turnout was so low. I heard on the radio that 50 (!) folks coughed up $1,000 each to get a picture taken with her, so they raised at least $50,000.

Personally, I don't get the value in having a pic of yourself with some famous person. It's not like that's going to convince me that you're good friends with him or her. Just seems sort of clingy and a lame effort to associate with fame. Whatever.)

Anyway, since Labrador is the more tea partyish candidate (isn't he?), one would expect Palin to endorse him rather than Ward. I've read the accusations that she's just doing so because of Ward's connection to the McCain campaign, and that seems plausible.

I wonder why she even takes the time to come to Idaho to endorse anybody. Seems like there are lots of opportunities for her to endorse and raise cash; why pick Idaho? Is it because she's trying to get the seat back for Republicans? Is it the McCain connection? Whatever it is, I think it shows that Ward's campaign is really struggling.

See, had Palin come here to stump for Sen Crapo, I think the crowd would have been much bigger. I think lots of folks have been turned off by Ward's gaffes lately, and it showed up in the turnout. Should be an interesting race.

So, do we Dems poke our noses into that race and vote for one or another? If so, who? Answer: probably Ward. If he continues his ineptness, he'd be the weaker candidate against Minnick, I suspect. Also, if Labrador got elected, he's the more conservative of the two and I'd rather not be stuck with him.

And no, I still don't plan to vote for Minnick, but I'm not likely to vote against him, either.

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Sisyphus said...

You're not looking at all the dimensions here. Labrador has pissed off IACI and the other money Republicans. That means that to run a campaign he's gonna have to rely on the NRCC for dough. And I love the idea of them wasting resources in a district that was +20 for McCain.