Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sanity from Vaughn Ward? Guess not.

Dan Popkey reports that Candidate Vaughn Ward fears for the very existence of our republic.
Congressional candidate Vaughn Ward fears every fighter in American history will have died in vain if Republicans don't retake Congress in November.
Ward says:
And I wonder right now, today, with the direction our country is going, is it in vain?" Ward said. "(Have) 239 years been in vain? The hundreds of thousands of people that have sacrificed their life for this nation - will that be in vain? Folks, we can't let it be. Now, this year, is the time that we reclaim Congress and reclaim a hope, a hope in the American Dream.
To which I respond, good grief, man, get a grip. Do you really think that we are headed in such a wrong direction that military sacrifices will all have been in vain?

If you do, you, sir, are a blithering idiot. Recall that just 18 months ago we had an election and the very people you think are destroying the country were swept into power. And, they campaigned on a platform that they are now working on enacting. Health care reform. Obama and the Democrats explicitly said they want to do this, and they did (in fact enacting a plan that looks a lot like plans offered by Republicans over the years.)

We had an election. These folks were elected. That's how it works in America. But, maybe you do know that this is a load of hooey designed to play to the wingnutters that will vote in the primary. In which case, you're just dishonest and stirring up passions and emotion for your personal benefit. Typical politician, in other words.

Deluded or dishonest. Which is worse? Well, I guess I'd have to settle for dishonest. That way, I'd have the hope that if you get elected, you might be able to understand the reality of national politics and act accordingly. Otherwise, I guess you'd just be engulfed in some miasma, thrashing about, not understanding what's happening around you, ferociously barking at whatever vision takes focus for a minute because that's all you can perceive.

I guess I can't expect sanity from you. But, jeezus, man, you're going to end up making Walt Minnick look like a reasonable alternative.


Anonymous said...

Is Ward misrepresenting his credentials when he says he is a "retired" Marine. Did he really serve 20 years to earn the term "retired?"

Bubblehead said...

Anonymous -- Do you have a link to where he's calling himself a "retired" Marine? If so, that's a big deal, because he's clearly not retired.

Anonymous said...

I believe the Statesman has referred to him as "retired." Same for the Spokesman Review. I'll domore digging.

Anonymous said...

Ward still serves in the Marine Corps Reserves.

Anonymous said...

I think Popkey incorrectly refered to Ward as retired once, but now calls him a Marine Corps reservist.

Anonymous said...

from an Idaho Staesman- April 2, 2010 - Popkey article: it was stated that Ward announced he was promoted to Marine Corps Reserve Lietenant Colonel.

How can anyone serve both the Marine Reserves and today's Congress?
One branch or the other will be second choice.
Will he not be present for an important weekend vote? Or, will his troops not have a leader during an exercise?
And, will he draw a paycheck from both while only serving one ?
If he believed he would win the Congressional seat, why would he reup?

Anonymous said...

There are a few military reservists currently serving in Congress. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham is one.