Thursday, April 01, 2010

Conservatives should be happy

Over the last two years, the legislature has cut the state's budget by around 20%. One fifth. That's a real reduction in government, especially since the state's population has continued to grow. Conservatives must be ecstatic.

And no new general taxes. Of course, there are taxes on boats, and user fees for parks, and what not, but if you don't avail yourself of amenities such as the outdoors, then you've probably escaped any new tax.

And that's all great. Revenue is way down, and the budget must be balanced. It's just too bad that Republicans in the Idaho Legislature don't have what it takes - whether it's courage or intellect or whatever - to enact a sane and fair tax structure that fits a 21st Century economy. Stop favoring narrow special interests and impose the sales tax on all sales, including services, and lower the overall rate. Exempting food and drugs is probably a good idea, but other than that, let all sectors of the economy contribute equally.

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