Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Walt's expose'

In the previous post I reference the lengthy article written by Tara and Mountain Goat about Walt Minnick. If you haven't read it, you ought to at least have a look. 2 reasons (at least).

One, the amount of research, the detail and the length are unusual to the point of being astonishing for a blog. It's really a fine bit of work. Impressive by it's own right, but as a blog post, especially a political blog post, it's pretty amazing.

Two, it's very well written. And by that I mean, very readable. A nice, compelling narrative, easy to follow and quite interesting. I reads like a chapter of an unauthorized biography of Walt Minnick. Well done, ladies.

1 comment:

MountainGoat said...

Thanks for the recognition, Alan... it definitely was a lot of work!