Monday, March 29, 2010

Voter ID bill

The bill to require ID in order to vote has passed both houses and is now ready for Gov Otter to sign.

If they're just trying to stop people from voting twice, why not use the simple method used in many other countries; dipping a finger in ink. This would also have the salutatory effect of showing who has and hasn't voted, possible shaming a few more folks into voting.

Good grief. Election years sure bring out some whacko politics.


Nemesis said...

I've heard some progressives state that this may be a good we can say, there is no voter fraud possible in Idaho...

I think it's a sham to make voters think they're being protected from fraud, when really, it's going to do what most of us fear:

Those who will be most impacted by this bill tend to vote a Democratic ticket, and will be more likely to avoid voting altogether.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful result (ie, that Democrats avoid voting)! Anyone who cannot show a photo ID to vote, or is afraid to for some reason, should not be voting! I cannot understand the objection to this other than that it thwarts "stealing elections" (something the Dems are becoming experts at -- think Dino Rossi in Washington state).

Tim B said...

Why then do I:
1. Need ID to drive a vehicle?
2. Need ID to get on an airplane?
3. Need ID to buy a fishing license?
4. Need ID to get a Library Card?
5. Get asked for an ID when using a credit card?
6. I need ID just to login to a computer at work.

But voting is different for some reason? To me it just makes sense and likely will speed up the slow process of checking in at the polls. But if this is too much of a problem, maybe we can have two lines at the polls.

Go "Left" if you have NO ID.
Go "Right" if you do have an ID.

My uneducated guess is that if you don't have an ID, the chances that you would vote is extremely small...close to zero, considering only about 50% of us vote any way? And the non-ID'd that do vote are people that are getting some kind of "reward" for voting? And I'm not talking about "do your civic duty reward".