Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Standing on principle

Walt Minnick is hanging tough in his opposition to the health care reform bill, pretty much on fiscal grounds. He’s got some other reasons, sort of, but as MG shows here, they’re not well taken. It really just looks like Minnick opposes it because, well, because his inner Republican is making him do so. It seems to me that he is just trying to be in line with what he thinks the average Idaho voter wants, and, like most politicians, just says whatever sounds good at the moment to justify whatever position he’s taken.

Being in line with Idaho voters, well, normally that would be good, except Walt is a Democrat, and I believe that even Idaho Democrats would like to see health care reform. Thus, Walt is out of whack with his party.

But, he’s going to stand on principle and hold out against health care reform. Gonna let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

I wish it were one of his principles to help Americans avoid personal financial catastrophe due to health care expenses. The stories are plentiful, and really without question. Medical expenses are chief cause of bankruptcy for Americans. Then there are all the people who suffer because they can’t afford health care. And there are the increased expenses in emergency rooms and in end of life care because Americans can’t afford health care that will keep them out of emergency rooms, and will keep them healthier as they age. And the rapidly growing bite that health care takes out of the economy.

Sometimes you have to choose between competing principles. Walt is doing that very thing. He is choosing to posture himself for reelection over helping Idahoans. He has a chance to help achieve one of the greatest advances in public good in the history of the United States; universal health care. He has a chance to markedly improve the lives of millions.

Walt, I implore you to do the right thing and help the American poor and middle class, even if it costs you the election. Don’t you want to invest in human capital and infrastructure? Don’t you want to be on the right side of history? Don’t you want to help people?

Your vote will answer these questions.


Tara A. Rowe said...

If only Minnick had principles...

fortboise said...

I've mostly kept quiet about Idaho ID-01's Representative, because I'm in ID-02. I'm a friend of his and his family, and supported his campaign, but I don't care for a lot of the positions he's taken.

I think a rational discussion about those positions is good, and I certainly encourage people in his district to do all they can to persuade him to "better" positions.

But I am completely turned off by cheap shots such as yours, Tara. It's self-centered, disrespectful, and careless.

You've made up your mind, and decided that the only possible explanation for someone who disagrees with you is that he has no principles? Try harder.

Alan said...

Tara's comment was a bit snarky, but the general idea behind it is defensible. Look at how Minnick's announced requirements for health care reform have changed (see MG's post I linked to). When you change the reasons to do or don't support something, it makes it look like you don't have principles, at least at they relate to that issue. His requirements for HCR seems to have been met, or at least mostly, yet he still won't support it. Thus, it appears that his opposition is political, not principled.

Anonymous said...

The review of the heath care bill by the Congressional Budget Office shows that it saves money. This is a good reason for Minnick to change his mind and vote for it!