Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Wingnuttism rears its ugly head

House Majority Leader Mike Moyle has introduced a bill to require photo ID in order to vote in Idaho. Such a move is typically associated with racist efforts to keep minorities from voting, and is a favorite cause of the most far-right wingnuts around the country.

I'm especially dismayed that the House State Affairs Committee voted unanimously to introduce this bill. Unanimously. So, in addition to all the Republicans, five Democrats also voted for it, the five being: Mary Lou Shepard; Elaine Smith; Anne Pasley-Stuart; Phyllis King; and Elfreda Higgins.

Unbelievable. What I'm waiting for, and fully do not expect to see, is the reason for this measure. Specifically, what are the instances of voters defrauding poll workers that would lead to the need for this restriction on voting? Idaho Code Section 18-2302 makes it perjury and a crime to falsely state a voter's qualifications, and it and other statutes would seem sufficient to prevent voter fraud.

This looks to me to be, if not some other nefarious purpose, an effort to discourage Democratic voters.

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Tumblewords: said...

Disturbing. The wingnuts seem determined to make the government smaller by increasing the number of thou can'ts. Or whatever turns their little turbines. I vacillate between being disgusted with the Gops and disgusted with their followers who are too lazy to think for themselves.