Thursday, February 11, 2010

Palin's fake glasses

I've written before that I suspected that Sarah Palin's glasses are just glass, and have no real correction. I think she wears them to give herself a bit of gravitas. Our society tends to view attractive women only in the context of their looks. Most folks do not look at an attractive woman and think "I bet she's really smart." So, I can understand her wanting to be taken seriously.

Anyway, look at the image below. Notice especially in the red circle. You will see the straight and unbroken line of the earpiece on both sides of the lens, and through the lens. You'll see the same unbroken line of the side of her head on both sides of the edge of the lens. Look at anyone wearing glasses, and look through the lens. Any correction at all will cause at least some distortion when you look through them.

Even if there is some correction there, it is exceedingly small. Certainly small enough that she doesn't really need the glasses.

No big point here, just noting this.

Picture lifted from Talking Points Memo, credit


Josh R said...

Yah, the baby was fake too right?

It is also worth noting that she does have two eyes.

Bubblehead said...

I was just about to say the same thing as Josh -- this reminds me of the picture analysis wondering if Palin's daughter was actually the mother of Gov. Palin's youngest child.
IdaBlue, how many hours a day would you estimate you spend thinking about Sarah Palin?

alan said...

I spend about zero minutes a day thinking about her. I saw the pic, and that jumped out at me, so I blogged it.

I have never mentioned anything about her baby.

Noting that she has two eyes is noting something that is absolutely common and neutral. Noting she's wearing fake glasses is noting something that is odd.

1948 said...

Congrats Blue. You're drawing hack flak.