Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Crapo's hypocrisy

From Think Progress, Sen. Crapo is exposed for voting against the stimulous bill, yet bragging about the positive effect it is having in Idaho.

Senator Mike Crapo (R-ID) Bragged About Job Creation, Environmental Clean Up Benefits Of Recovery Package. According to KIDK News, Senator Crapo gushed: “Approximately $400 million plus, maybe as much as $465 million will come to INL right here in Idaho for hundreds of new jobs and a significantly expedited clean up activity.”
[KIDK News, 2/17/09

-Senator Crapo Voted Against The Recovery Package Twice
[Record Vote 59; Record Vote 60]

-Senator Crapo Decried The Recovery Package As “Dangerous” Because “We Can’t Spend Our Way To Prosperity.”
[Idaho Mountain Express, 2/11/09]


fortboise said...

Hypocrisy loves company, apparently. Crapo's hardly the only one in this category.

Anonymous said...
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Alan said...

You are correct, sir. The link to the Think Progress page will take you to 110 similar instances of hypocrisy. Crapo is the only Idahoan on the list (that I saw).

BTW, the deleted comment was by me, and was just a misfire.