Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thoughts about spineless Democrats

Essentially, what a bunch of saps, particularly at the federal level. To dither and mess around and allow the ridiculous politicking that occurred in the Senate is a disgrace. And the thing that infuriates me is the stupid 60 vote filibuster rule.

The Constitution calls for majority rule, not super majority rule. The Senate ginned up its own stupid filibuster rule, and now the Republicans have brilliantly shoved it right up the Dems' collective, you know. In the face of absolute party discipline, the Dems allow the Republicans to set the agenda, which is spun out and amplified by the right-wing noise machine, while the Dems allow Lieberman and Ben Nelson to spout whatever contra-party crap they desire. What a bunch of spineless fools.

Yes, that's right, a bunch of spineless fools. Hand the Republicans the filibuster rule and allow them to kill you with it, because of Senate "comity." Dems: We want to all get along, and respect each other, and play nice together, so we'll go along with needing a 60 vote super majority on every stinking vote. Please like us. Republicans: F**k you! We Win!

That seems to sum it up, IMHO.

Which brings me to the Idaho Dems closing their caucus doors. To which I say, good grief, it's about time. Stop being saps and allowing the Rs to know every bit of your strategy. Who cares if they meet behind closed doors? Reporters, and that's about it. Maybe Idaho Dems are growing a spine. It's about time.

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ericn1300 said...

I agree that the closed door caucus is no big deal, especially since reporters would listen in run over to republicans and fill them in to get a response before the ink had dried on their notes.

Strategy is best not discussed in public.