Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I know, not original, but at least it’s heart felt.

“Strength of schedule” is used to diss the BSU Broncos, and to justify a lower rating than their on-field performance would seem to justify. You know, two unbeaten regular seasons in a row, and they still can’t get a full BCS slot (they’ve got an “at large” spot that reduces the amount of money they’ll get, as compared to the other schools). Here’s why strength of schedule should not be used to assess the Broncos (or any other team, for that matter).

First, it’s not a legitimate means of assessment because the Broncos can’t do anything about it. They’re in the conference they’re in, and have to play those opponents. Assessing the Broncos by looking at the other teams is a bit like judging my job performance, or setting my pay, by saying my co-workers are slugs. I can’t affect their performance. It’s also a bit of an ism (racism, ageism, sexism, etc). It’s discrimination based on something the Broncos did not choose and cannot do anything about. (Well, at one point they may have chosen to join the WAC, but it was a constrained choice. It’s not like they can just join the PAC 10 any time they want.)

Also, strength of schedule is misleading. Just because the Broncos play some weak team does not necessarily mean they are not the best team in football. Evidence of a defendant’s prior robbery is inadmissible to prove he did this robbery. Just because he did a prior robbery doesn’t mean he did this one. Likewise, just because the Broncos play some weak teams doesn’t necessarily mean they are a weaker team.


ericn1300 said...

What really irks me is that Bleymeier, BSU's A.D., has been shopping for at large games against BCS teams and has been turned down by 10 of them. Seems they want to keep their puff ball non conference games rather than play a team that might actually beat them and ruin their win loss records.

I also heard that Oregon is going to stop playing us, is that true? If so what wimps.

alan said...

Agreed. One one hand, it'd be nice to name names of the schools that we asked to play but were refused. But, I suppose if we do we'd lose all hope of cutting a deal with them to play them.

ericn1300 said...

Yes, discretion is often the better part of valor but at what point do you ridicule the system and let the participants off?

The system is already under attack, time to take on the participants.

Scott1948 said...

Belated, but...
The system actually seems to work well for BSU. The Big Game is probably out of reach, but two BCS bowls in 4 years can't be bad for recruiting, or $$$. Play one decent team and win, cruise by a lot of mediocre teams = good shot at BCS bowl.
Of course playing TCU, who should be in the Big Game, is a total rip. Take the money and run.