Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sparkling Sarah Palin

In conjunction with her book release, Sarah Palin has been going on a book tour. And, Newsweek put her on the cover of its magazine.

Newsweek chose the Runners World of Palin in running shorts for its cover, which is clearly a cheesecake type of photo. Oprah Winfrey asked Palin about the choice to use that picture, and Palin said she's thinks it's kind of cheesy.

I was thinking about that. Using a cheesecake photo of a woman in politics for its cover does seem a bit cheesy, at first. But, upon further reflection, I think it is the exact right photo.

Such a photo, of a powerful woman, highlights sexuality over any other trait, and probably tends to objectify the woman. But in Palin's case, her attractiveness is her defining trait, and is the reason she's where she's at.

Conservatives like her because she seems to share their views. But she's also liked because she's attractive. In fact, she doesn't have much going for her beyond attractiveness. She's certainly no policy wonk. She doesn't have much of a record of achievement (Governor of Alaska is obviously an achievement, but she underachieved in the position then quit early to cash in on, yes, her attractiveness.) She didn't even write her own book. She'll say any ol' thing that she thinks might work at the moment, truth be damned, and she says all kinds of nonsensical stuff (she justified her foreign policy experience in part by saying that there are places in Alaska from which you can see Russia). It's not her brain that got her where she is.

So in her case, using a picture of Palin in tight running shorts, really captured the essence of her.

Update: In thinking about this a bit more, it seems that some conservatives have a peculiar weakness for attractive females. And by that I mean, it's peculiar that the attractive female seems to be allowed to say anything, fact-based or not, and it's accepted and applauded. To wit: Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Michelle Bachmann. Malkin is the deepest thinker of that bunch, but that's like saying "You have good breath, for a dog."


Bob T said...

Governor of Alaska is far more experience than BO had in his 90 some days in the Senate. And IF the Democrats had an attractive woman they'd damn sure put her up there. But as we all know feminism (and democrats) is just a way for unattractive women to get ahead.

fortboise said...

I love the way Palin boosters want to change the subject.

That's ex-Governor of Alaska, Bob; the job was too small for her once she decided she wasn't going to run again.

Now that he's President, we don't need to consider the hypothetical question of whether Obama is capable of handling the job; we can see that he is.

And Sarah? Well, we can see she's capable of handling a book contract and self-promotion tour. Oh, and a Facebook account.

alan said...

Obama was sworn in as a U.S. Senator on January 4, 2005. He was a Senator until January 20, 2009.
He was a state senator in Illinois for 2 terms (8 years).

That's a bit more than 90 days.

Nothing wrong with being attractive, but that by itself doesn't qualify one for office.

Sisyphus said...

Hmmmmm, lets see. The ex-governor of Alaska was vetted by just over 100,000 Alaskans. Bill Sali got more votes than she did. She's never faced the problems from a revenue shortfall since Alaska always has a surplus from the oil money. And even then she had to produce a budget....what, twice, before she quit under a hail of ethics inquiries? Obama was president of the Harvard Law Review. Palin went to 5 different colleges before finally getting a communications degree from the U of I.

I like Sarah, but comparing their resumes is as laughable as marketing her as presidential material.

Anonymous said...

So she is pretty and is ok with flanting it.(she did willingly pose for the photoes at onne time)My problem is with how mean spirited she is. In her book she makes fun of people for their weight, if they smoke and how they may choose to dress. She is ugly inside and not a true Christian. Christ would NEVER say the kind of things that come out of Palin's mouth. The people that admire her are just as bad.(look at what Bob T has to say about feminists and Democrats) I bet he calls himself a Christian.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget one of our own- Helen Chenoweth Hague. She was a hottie in her prime, and used it, all the way to Washington.
She was as uninformed and dull witted as Sali, but she wasn't a fat guy with a bad beard. She could have been re-elected, I think, after skipping a term.

We should all be grateful she married instead, and moved to Nevada before she shuffled off this mortal coil in 2006.