Thursday, November 19, 2009

Politicizing murder

I heard Senator Risch on the radio today calling for the prosecutors in the Fort Hood shooting case to add one more count of murder, from 13 to 14.

Apparently one of the victims was pregnant, and Risch wants a count for that. I don't know how far along the mother was.

Conservatives will applaud this, of course, which is why Risch is doing it. But geez, there are already 13 counts of murder; another one won't accomplish anything tangible. My main beef is that this is simply injecting politics into a tragic situation. And really, isn't going on the radio to announce this position simply political opportunism?

Isn't Risch just exploiting these murders for his own political gain?


Dr. Michael Blankenship said...

Of course it is injecting politics. Just as labeling the shooter a terrorist before the investigation is complete, and wanting to award the victims a Purple Heart. We have to call pandering when we see it - thanks!

ericn1300 said...

Risch's actions here go way beyond pandering. Pandering is more like preaching to the choir but this is in your face public grand standing.

Anonymous said...

SOP for a Boise Boy