Friday, November 06, 2009

Minnick should switch parties. Now!

Congressman Walt Minnick has issued a press release saying that he will not vote for the House health care bill. You know, the one that the AMA and the AARP just announced that they support? The one that is still struggling to get the necessary 218 votes? The one that will cover the most Americans, that will reduce the deficit, that has the best changes to lower health care costs? Yeah, that one.

Well, for me, that's the last straw. Walt, please switch parties. Now, so a Democrat can prepare for the election a year from now. Oh, but wait, that might mean you were actually willing to do something to help Democrats. I guess it's better from your perspective to do all you can to stop Democrats from getting anything done.

Walt, please, just be honest and switch parties. You masquerading as a Democrat is embarrassing and dishonest.

Idaho Democrats should not support Walt, and if he gets primaried (assuming he doesn't switch parties), we should get behind his opponent.

There are too many Blue Dog Democrats, and they're screwing up the progressive cause. Congressional Democrats won't be losing a vote, obviously, because Walt never votes with them, and they have a large enough majority without him.

See, having any ol' Democrat is not better than any Republican. Minnick gives the Republicans cover by hiding their absolute total lack of any effort toward bipartisanship, and by lending a fake bipartisanship to Republican initiatives.

Walt, please switch parties and get it over with.


Anonymous said...

I call Minnick a lap dog not a blue dog.

Bubblehead said...

So is it your theory that a "true" progressive could win the general election in Idaho's 1st Congressional District? Walt is a moderate; he says he could possibly vote for whatever comes out of conference. Do you think a Sali-like Republican would do that?

Alan said...

The House bill does everything that Walt says a bill should do. Save money, reduce the deficit, is paid for, all that, and yet he won't vote for it. He'll never vote for anything a majority of Democrats support; that is, he'll vote like the Republican he is. If he switches parties, at least he won't be in a position to interfere as much.

No, a Sali-like Republican wouldn't vote the a Senate passed bill. Neither will Walt.

See, the problem is that Dems make concessions to the Blue Dogs to try to win their votes and water down good provisions. And then, of course, they don't vote for the bill.

Eric Dondero said...

Yes, he should immediately switch.

We Republicans would warmly welcome him into the GOP.

He is the only libertarian-leaning Democrat in the entire House of Reps. Perhaps the only libertarian-leaning Democrat in the entire Nation.

Democrats and Liberty do not mix. The Democrat Party is the party of Tyrants, Big Government, and Economic Socialism. None of which are supported by Rep. Minnick.

He is more along the lines of Libertarian Republicans in Congress like Reps. Dana Rohrabacher, Tom McClintock, Ron Paul and Paul Broun.

Come home Rep. Minnick. The libertarian wing of the GOP will work our asses off for re-election if you switch to Republican. If you stay with the Democrat Fascists, we will do everything we can to defeat you.

Eric Dondero, Publisher
Libertarian Republican

Fmr. Senior Aide, US Cong. Ron Paul (R-TX)

Anonymous said...

Eric, I guess you like what Bush did to our country. You are a sad little man if you want to see that sort of nonsense back. I am sorry to tell you but the wack jobs of your party will take the GOP down. Most Americans see you for what you are. WE don't need Mimmick but your side will never take a PRO CHOICE candidate.