Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Walt, now what do you say?

The Congressional Budget Office just "scored" the House plan with a robust public option, and found that it will cost $871 bil over 10 years, will cover 96% of people, is paid for, and, get this, will reduce the deficit.

So Walt, will you vote for it now? It seems to satisfy virtually everything you've said you want.

Yes, it does compete with private plans, but somebody should since they don't compete with each other.

I think this leaves Walt pretty exposed. "A shorn little sheep, shivering in the breeze." If he won't vote for the bill now, he never will. And if not, he obviously has other priorities than saving money, helping Americans get health care, and reducing the deficit.


Sisyphus said...

Nice post and great points. It achieves goals he's outlined to earn his support for reform in general, but his comments specifically on the option have been adamantly opposed disclosing a closed mind. Given his chicken shit co-authored editorial with the Idaho delegation signing up for the Republican obstructionist agenda demanding a 72 hour waiting period on bills demonstrates little hope for an epiphany. I hope I'm wrong.

alan said...

I'm not optimistic either. If nothing else, this vote will smoke him out.