Thursday, October 08, 2009

Opt Out

The most recent permutation of the public option in health care reform is a beauty, and I hope it passes. Some senators are suggesting that the public option be put in the bill, with a provision for states to opt out. Genius!

Man o man I hope that passes. The "conservative" states will opt out, natch. Our congressional leaders, like CrapoRischMinnick, who have been complaining about the public option, will fall all over themselves arguing in favor of Idaho opting out. Our state Republican leaders will get on the band wagon and then pretty much every Republican in the state will go out of their minds crowing about making a principled stand and how Idaho is doing it right and the libruls are taking us into socialism.

That's at first. However, in pretty short order after the public option kicks in (I understand it's delayed until 1012 or so for some dumb reason), Idahoans will see how they're losing out. Statistics will accumulate showing better health in the non-opt out states, and will probably show health care costs coming into control in those states, and medical-bill bankruptcies declining, and the various other benefits of the plan will become evident.

And then, Idahoans will conclude that Dems had a pretty good idea and that they want a piece of the action. Eventually even Idaho's Republican leaders will come around, quietly eat crow, and opt in. But all in all, this has got to make Republicans look stupid and make Democrats look good. Beauty!


Sisyphus said...

I was thinking upon similar lines. It creates a perfect political issue that may kill Republicans. The reason for the delay is to avoid the political ramification particularly if mandates are passed which serve only the insurance companies and are sure to be very unpopular.

Alan said...

Apparently Medicaid has an opt out provision, but all 50 states are in.