Thursday, September 10, 2009

Reaction to Obama's speech

The front page of today's Statesman features quotes from our congressional delegation reacting to President Obama's speech last night.

The three Republican members, of course, get in the "government" pejorative. "Government system." Government takeover."

Walter-one-note Minnick says he was happy to hear it won't increase the deficit. So, Walt, now that your key point is satisfied, will you now commit to signing the bill? Will you help sell it and help clear up the Republican misinformation campaign?

It's pretty easy to tell the our Republican delegation doesn't want to reform health care. When they carefully insert the Republican talking point "government" into every statement about it, you know they're not serious. They may as well call it, and I think in some cases have called it, the "liberal" plan. They just trying to use emotion-laden words.

I really don't get several things. Why don't Republicans want to fix our "unsustainable" (Mike Simpson) health care system? It's obvious they don't because they aren't trying.

Why is it so all fired important to leave insurance companies alone and not foster competition? Obviously they've done a poor job so far under just a system. Oh, and for the idea the private insurers can't compete against government, just have a look at the worker's compensation system in Idaho and most other states. Idaho has, like most states, a State Insurance Fund. It is a quasi-governmental agency competing with private insurers. Yes, it is the largest, but Liberty Mutual and many others are writing comp insurances in Idaho and doing well against the competition.

Why is it assumed that government will screw up the health care system? Do you Republicans think that only stupid people are in government? Well, have a look at who signs your paycheck; are you stupid? More to the point, we have 3 very well run government health care systems already in place; Medicare, the VA, and the military system. Where's the evidence that the government can't get a reasonable health care system up and running?

I would really appreciate Republicans actually trying to pitch in and work something out. I'm willing to compromise, most Democrats are, and I'm sure Democratic leaders are as well. Seriously. Come to the table and let's work something out. Please do the right thing and help fix this "unsustainable" system. Please don't just sit back and play politics. Please?


Anonymous said...

Why don't Republicans want to fix our "unsustainable" (Mike Simpson) health care system?
The AMA$$$.

Tippyrich said...

No doubt, it's always about dollars...and 'sense' (or lack of it).

I'll add my plea.