Monday, September 07, 2009

Eagle Rib cook-off

I went to the Eagle Rib Cook-off Sunday afternoon about 5 PM. I've seen some of those BBQ competitions on various cooking channels, and I though it would be pretty fun to check it out.

I was wrong. I've got one word for the Eagle Rib Cook-off: lame.

The concept is a pretty good idea, and it has potential, but as expressed with this year's event, it's got a long way to go. Guerber Park is a pretty cool venue to hold it, or anything, I guess, so that was good.

The contestants were fenced off to one side, and not much was going on there. I went over and talked to a few of them, but my little group was the only one in the contestant area when I was there. The contestants were working on their submissions for the spud fest, and for Monday's judging.

The main action was in another fenced off area. There were lots of food vendors in that area, and one place selling beer. And that was pretty much it. It was a glorified food court. Although the competition's web site advertised local artisans, wood working, jewelry, etc, I saw none of that. A few booths, chiropractor, etc., but nothing like the folks you'd see in Art in the Park.

They did have a band playing, so that was good. Also had a decent amount of seating, but the crowd was pretty sparse.

I thought perhaps the competitors might be selling tastes of their wares, but sadly, no.

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