Tuesday, September 29, 2009

AG Lawrence Wasden

Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden held a fund raiser at the Yen Ching restaurant in Boise. kicking off his reelection campaign. He spoke, briefly, and said that he'd been recruited by the "RNC," so I guess there was an effort to get him to run against Walt Minnick. (I can't imagine why; there's no more rock-ribbed Republican than Minnick.)

Anyway, Wasden said that he asked his recruiters (paraphrasing) "Why would I do this? How will this let me do a better job of serving the people of Idaho?" He was sincere. He spoke of the accomplishments of the lawyers in the AG's office, and he lauded how they've helped the citizens of Idaho. He talked about how he wants to be able to look in the mirror each day and see a man he's proud of, and, more importantly, he wants to look in the mirror the day after he retires from politics and see a man he can be proud of.

Anyway, he apparently declined, though he didn't actually say that. So, he's definitely running for another term as AG.

Wasden is a Republican, but he doesn't much push a partisan agenda. In my view, he just seems to want to do the right thing. Pretty rare for an Idaho politician.

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bobby59 said...

Wasden is really a felon, in disguise, who helped a local Bondsman, tony Bettencourt commit, insurance fraud, in 1999, proof of this fact,is all over my website (http://americaneaglecivilandhumanrights.com), yeah he has all you people in Idaho fooled, he also leaves the IMSI, inmates and CO's, to live and work in contaminated, Prison conditions, if you vote for this guy, something very wrong, is coming down....Robert Heizelman, 2 /25/2010