Thursday, August 27, 2009

Somebody call the secret service

Rex Rammell was at some fundraiser criticizing Gov Otter for not getting a wolf tag, and some bigoted idiot hollered something about an "Obama tag." Rex joked along and said,
The Obama tags? We'd buy some of those.
Well, I gotta say that I hope the Secret Service has a visit with both Rex and the fool who shouted that out.

No, not fool; despicable racist traitor. Advocating the assassination of the President is both a crime and a morally loathsome act. It's not anywhere near funny, and anyone who laughed at it obviously does not believe in American values.

Like him or not, Obama was elected as President by the majority of Americans; a large majority. Calling for killing him, no, not just killing him, hunting him and then killing him like an animal, proves on its face that the person who said it does not believe in democracy. Apparently neither does Rex Rammell, who offered to participate in hunting and killing our President.

Or maybe Rex does believe in our democratic values and doesn't really want to hunt and kill our President. In which case, we can conclude something else about him. He's stupid; dumb as a slug, since he doesn't know that advocating killing the President is a crime and antithetical to American values.

Or, maybe he's not dumb, maybe he got caught off guard and responded poorly. In which case we can conclude that he's slow, can't think on his feet, and is absolutely willing to say something that goes against his core values because he was startled.

Or, most likely, he's a sycophantic coward. Suck up to the bigots and racists calling for the hunting and killing of our President, you lickspittle. Oh, and cowardly refuse to point out that such statements are way out of line, they're probably criminal, and they certainly reveal the shouter as a bigot and racist.

And for the rest of our political leadership; same to you. If you refuse to condemn this, you are a racist, a bigot, you condone crime, you do not believe in the democratic values America was founded on, and you are a coward. For our law enforcement leaders, this is hate speech and should be investigated and prosecuted. It's. Not. Funny. It's. A. Crime.

I hope I've made my point forcefully enough. Our President is at real risk of some incensed moron trying to assassinate him, and hate speech such as "Obama tags" just fuels the fire. Fools who laugh at such statements are complicit in them.

And, if this isn't enough to prove that Rex is a slow-thinking cretin who has no business in state government, this statement drives the point home:
He could've had someone go get it for him," he said. "Hell, he's the governor. He could've ordered the Fish and Game to give him the first tag.
Right, Rex, just like Sarah Palin thinks, the state government is a handmaiden to the Gov's personal desires. I guess that's how you'd govern; the state and all its resources and employees are your personal vassals.

Update: To be accurate, this isn't traitorous speech.


Tippyrich said...

This needs to stop! I'm nauseated by the fact that this keeps happening and that people are getting away with it! Can't they be charged with something? Rammell is an obvious loser that panders to rednecks and republicans. He's one to keep out of government for sure.

He still claims that he sees no need to apologize for such thoughtless, mindless behavior; that says volumes about him to me! And the shouter outer was a woman. OMG. They both make sportsmen, Idahoans, and women appear racist fools.

I know several people who have left Idaho to escape the politics here. I used to think it was an extreme measure, but it's beginning to make more and more sense.

ericn1300 said...

Lickspittle. Lmfao. Haven't heard that term since grandma passed on.

I agree with Tippyrich when he says “I'm nauseated by the fact that this keeps happening and that people are getting away with it!” but you have to take it in perspective.

The Teabaggers and all the other nut cases that show up to town halls and presidential events carrying hang man nooses, sporting automatic rifles, or defacing pictures of The President of The United States all the while protesting their loss of constitutional rights should take a second look and salute the constitution, the country and the president that suffers them so gently.