Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Honesty and leadership

I'd really like to see Idaho's politicians display these two virtues a bit more.

Walt Minnick seems to feel the need to buck his party and help Republicans kill health insurance/care reform. Voting against it on the principle of holding the line against government spending is defensible, I guess, though seems more of an excuse that a reason. So if you truly support reform, Walt, please help spread correct information, and help kill the crazy disinformation being spewed by reform opponents.

Use your forums to state clearly that the reform is not going to allow euthanization, or death panels, or fund abortion, or provide health insurance to illegal immigrants. It's not voting, it's just helping Idahoans get the truth so they can understand. Even if you can't vote, you can help inform the voters, can't you?

Governor Otter, I'd like to see you show some leadership on health insurance/care reform. Idaho is in a budget crisis, and will be for a while. You cut benefits to state employees and did not raise their pay, because of the budget problems. Well, we all know that health insurance is a huge expense for the State. Why, then, aren't you in there pitching for reform that will save money?

Sen Crapo, please stop trying to fool us.
"We're not trying to drag this thing out so nothing happens," Crapo said.
DeMint told Conservatives for Patients Rights that killing President Obama’s health care plan would be good politics for those resistant to changing Washington. “If we’re able to stop Obama on this it will be his Waterloo. It will break him,” he said.
Sen. Risch could also use a dose of honesty.
"The timetable they are on is frightening for a system that is arguably the best health-care system in the world," said Sen. Jim Risch.
No, it's not arguably the best. It's mediocre at best. For example, the CIA lists the US at #50 in life expectancy. The US is again in the middle of the pack when looking at infant mortality, with 6.26 deaths per 1,000 live births. 44 other countries do better, including Cuba and Bermuda.

And as far as a timetable, we've tried to have health insurance/care reform since the Truman administration, and of course, again in 1993 with the Clinton administration. So, what is your timetable? Never?

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tippyrich said...

Great information -- in a comment to one of those articles it was stated that Americans need and want health care, not health insurance. Seems simple enough to understand and should be simpler to accomplish. The disheartening thing is that we are even on a timetable for healthcare reform in 2009; 50 years should have been ample time to make significant changes.

Too bad that we can't rely on our representatives for correct information. Which was your point, afterall.