Thursday, August 20, 2009


Here's an accepted story about epiphany. A man (usually) wakes up in a gutter, hideously hung over, still somewhat drunk, disheveled, retching, filled with self loathing, and has an epiphany: "I must change before I kill myself."

I like to joke that if I ever find myself watching golf or fishing on TV, that is such a moment. I think the Republican party is headed for that moment.

There are many sane Republicans (well, maybe not that many; Har!), but there is certainly a faction of Republicans who are going crazy. I mean really; bringing weapons to Presidential meetings? Saying that folks who bring weapons to Presidential events are true patriots? Trying to link Obama to Hitler because Obama is trying to provide health care to millions of folks who don't have it? Good grief.

This faction is going seriously nuts. As I've said, they've jammed the pedal to the floor of the red corvette, cranked the wheel all the way to the right, and are merrily and angrilyrighteously headed for the cliff, shooting off rounds, throwing out beer cans and screaming "Obamacare is socialism." Self-destructive crazy.

Today we learn that Tom Ridge admits that he thought it was a political decision designed to boost Bush's chances at re-election when the Bush administration pressured him to raise the stupid colored threat level right before the election. Confirming what progressives have been saying for years, and adding to the race for the cliff; politics above all, the interests of the country be damned.

I see the Republican wingnut faction as headed for an epiphany. At some point they're going to wake up in the gutter, and think, jeezus, I've got to change. What scares me is, what will be that moment? If Obama=Hitler isn't it, what is? I fear what this will be. If it's not bad enough now to shock the run of the mill Republican out of the stupor, what will it take? My guess? Some fool is going to open fire, or attempt to assassinate the President. I think it's going to happen sooner rather than later.

See, the problem right now is that sane Republicans are tolerating The Crazy for political reasons. They're not speaking out for a rational discussion. Until they do, it's going to get worse. Until they realize that crazy political gamesmanship has brought them to this minority status, they're going to tolerate it. Until they start trying to work for the country instead of for political gain, this continues. Until they wake up in the gutter, this will continue.

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Chris said...

I love the "red Corvette" reference.