Sunday, August 02, 2009

Diversity day

The Idaho Army and Air Guard got together, which they do rarely, to have a joint celebration for Diversity Day, and also had a Family Day. So, lots of family activities, entertainment, and food. Below is your basic sumo wrestling deal. Since it was about 100 degrees that afternoon, so hopping around in those sumo suits was a sweaty endeavor. They're not shown, but part of the outfit was a helmet made to look like a top knot. Which added even more heat. (Click to enlarge the pix)

Another pic showing some of the stuff happening. In the foreground of this pix is a bungee/trampoline combo. So you could jump around and do flips and what not that you'd never try on a real tramp.

They reinforced the diversity theme with the food. There was Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Brazilian, Mediterranean, and more. No hot dogs or hamburgers. Also, no beer. The pic below shows some kind of Brazilian fried thing, with taco fixings in the background.

This would be the Italian food table; lasagna, pasta, salad, etc.

Table had the Mediterranean food. Rice stuffed grape leaves, hummus, grilled vegetables with Mediterranean seasoning, and more.

This young fella had a plate full.

They had Irish Dancers, a couple of Mariachi bands, African drums, folk music, and more. Really did it up nice. Unfortunately, I had to leave before it was over, because the longer I was there, diverse I felt.

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Geoff said...

Your last line made me recall the title of Chapter 7
of PJ O'Rourke's "All The Trouble in the World."