Saturday, July 04, 2009

Sanford saved again

N.C. Governor's revelation about his affair was knocked from the headlines by the sudden death of Michael Jackson. He failed to capitalize on this, and gave another long statement, saying thing's like "she's my soul mate'" which put him back in the headlines. (And probably made it even more difficult to reconcile with his non-soul mate mate.)

So now soon to be ex-Gov. Palin's announcement of her soon to be ex-ness has again knocked Sanford from the headlines. So, I'm curious. Will he give it a couple of days and give yet another long interview that will put him back in the spotlight?

And regarding Gov Palin, speculation abounds about her real motives for her resignation. I'm throwing in the the crowd that thinks this was a preemptive strike ahead of some negative revelation about her shenanigans in office.

And also regarding her statement, she said that she polled her kinds, and "the count was unanimous." "It was four yeses and one "Hell yeah.!" Her kids are Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper, and Trig. So that adds up to five yeses. But really, did Trig, the baby, weigh in with an answer? Did he understand the question? Palin just cannot seem to avoid exaggeration.


easyblue said...

Either Palin is in imminent trouble, or she's bailing out of the looming Alaskan budget crisis and its associated massive political minefield. So far, her administration has coasted along on record oil revenue. The recent drop in oil price coupled with the current state of the economy are going to make the next couple of years a potential disaster for whomever's in charge of the Alaska Statehouse. Remember, they have NO state income or sales taxes, so raising revenue is going to be a buggar.

Also, every Alaskan citizen is used to getting a fat oil revenue check once a year. Lower oil prices and production area going to have some impact on that money, which will probably make the average citizen fairly cranky.

Being the governor of Alaska does not look like such a good gig all of a sudden, and her steadily declining approval ratings are probably reinforcing this message. My guess is she's bailing out and leaving the mess to the Lt. Gov. to avoid dragging the baggage of a troubled governorship into a potential campaign for national office.

On the other hand, she's opened herself up to credible charges of political cowardice. That, coupled with her ineptness as a campaigner (she plays well with the extreme right and drives almost everyone else away) make it hard to see her as a legitimate national candidate for ANY office, let alone the Presidency.

alan said...

All good points. Oil seems to be creeping back up, but perhaps not enough to fuel the budtget as Alaskans expect.

Diana Rowe said...

Is it just me or did I miss Todd's vote on this? Okay, so she asked her kids... but I would think that my spouse's input would be as much or more important than theirs... just a thought...