Friday, July 10, 2009

Here we go

See this?

That's Walt Minnick's signature on a letter from the House Blue Dog Coalition saying they don't like the current health care bill. One of the listed problems? It's not bipartisan.

The letter says a reform to the bill must address each of their concerns, including bipartisanship, and it says "We cannot support a final product that fails to do so."

Yes, thanks Walt, for standing up for Republicans. It's pretty gratifying for Democrats to see you going to bat for the Party of No.


Serephin said...

'Democratic Blue Dogs' is a misnomer -- in actuality, they're Republican Lap Dogs. It's amazing the hoops they'll jump through for the chance of a GOP snausage. And these Lap Dogs are guaranteed to never bite the hand that feeds them.

Sara E Anderson said...

People love to congratulate themselves on their open-mindedness and say the looove bipartisanship, but that's not how they vote.

Anonymous said...

I will not vote for Walt again. I think it is time to call him again and let him know that my family one health issue away from being on the street. Mabie we can camp out in his yard. Bottom line is people health should not be for profit.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how he thinks that being a closet GOP member is going to help him in the long run, he is alienating those who put him in office. The GOP is sinking it's own ship, why would Walt want to be sitting on the poop deck.

Anonymous said...

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