Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Road trip to Eastern Idaho

Spending a couple of days in Eastern Idaho, so took the scenic route. Boy, it's green on the Camas Prarie.

I guess I was taking the Sawtooth Scenic Byway.

A remote farm nestled in a little valley, under threatening skys.

In Idaho Falls, the outside of the Snake Bite Restaurant, in Idaho Falls' Historic District.

South Fork Salmon sandwich; salmon, roated red pepper, grilled onion, and pesto. Tasty.

The Inside of the Snake Bite.

Across the street, a store whose name I forget, but which has 4 coolers of differents selections of beer. Best selection I've seen in Idaho.


Chris said...

Looks like you took a more scenic route than we did!

The place across the street is Vino Rosso, pretty good selection of beer.

alan said...

Yes, Vino Rosso. I'm going back to get some beer. Any recommendations?

slfisher said...

what a beautiful art deco downtown. (swoon)