Friday, June 12, 2009

Road trip, continued

I returned to Vino Rosso, and scored these, one of each. The Arrogant Bastard on the left is the oaked version. I don't think I have a palette to really distinguish between an oaked and an unoaked version, but I'm sure it will be tasty. (Click to enlarge if you want to look closer at the labels.)

I drove home through Blackfoot, Riverside, Pingree, Springfield, Aberdeen, American Falls, and saw lots of these buildings on the way. Most of you will know what this building is, but perhaps not everyone.

Here's another shot. These buildings are slowly crumbling back into the earth. They're still fairly prevalent in Eastern Idaho. I'm not sure if these were used in other potato growing areas, but probably.

These are the old style of potato storage facility. Basically a large root cellar. Dig down, put up a frame of poles, cover with straw, put the dirt from the hole on the straw, call it good. Now farmers and processors use metal buildings with air conditioning and humidity systems that can effectively store potatoes for a year (with a chemical added to stop sprouting).


rbs said...

There used to be one of those potato cellars well within the city limits of IF. On Broadway alongside the railroad tracks near the interstate. The west side of town used to reek when they were cleaning it out.

Chris said...

Nice Alan! Can't really go wrong with any of those brews!

Serephin said...

Isn't that cellar just past a bend in the road, going south of Springfield, and off to your left as you're headed towards Aberdeen? Looks familiar. I've probably driven past it a hundred times, starting way back when it was still in use. I'm positive, though, that I never dumped a load of spuds in that particular cellar during harvest.

Alan said...

Yes, it is between Springfield and Aberdeen. On the East side of the road (I think). It's one of many along the route between Blackfoot and Aberdeen.