Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gov. Sanford

Well, yet another moralizing politician laid low by personal peccadillo's. S.C. Gov Sanford, once considered presidential material, and having famously grandstanded about stimulus money, has been revealed to be cheating on his wife.

I have some empathy for the guy, but no sympathy. He's human, and is thus subject to tugs and temptations, like all of us. And like all of us, he succumbed to one of them.

It's a tragedy for his family, particularly. It is one thing to cheat on your spouse, it is quite another to have that be a national media feeding frenzy. So, I have a bit of empathy for him on the human level.

But, no sympathy, really. I saw several newscasts last night where he was critical of others with similar defalcations. Yes, not only is he guilty of violating his wedding vows and humiliating his wife, but he's guilty of one of the most dangerous political sins. Hypocrisy. It's like watching a car wreck; morbidly fascinating.

A self-aggrandizing moralizing hypocrite. But also a person with feelings and emotions. So, empathy, but no sympathy.


tippyrich said...

Therein lies the rub of public life. I'd venture a guess that admission didn't change anything for the better. He looks like a beaten man. Kind of sad that we put so much trust in just....people, and are so shocked when they disappoint; we all know what we're capable of.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet Sanford and his staff are heaving a huge sigh of relief that Michael Jackson's untimely passing has bumped his coverage off the front page. Hmmm. I wonder if Sanford and his staff can account for their whereabouts yesterday afternoon?

tippyrich said...

Now it's gettin a little funny crazy. The comparison/reference to King David is killin me! Who is coaching this guy?

Right on...Anon, He could just as well have 'laid low' and let MJ have the media spotlight. Maybe he hasn't heard yet.