Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Good news

I have two items of good news to discuss. First, Walt Minnick voted with congressional Democrats to block an investigation into Nancy Pelosi regarding what she was told by the CIA about torture. It's good that the silly distraction was voted down, and it's good that Walt voted with the Democrats on the issue.

I suppose that Peolsi and House leadership are pretty tolerant of Democratic House members from tough districts, like Walt, but voting to investigate the Speaker would probably be going too far.

Two, Bryan Fischer is moving away, and the IVA is going into "whisper mode." I didn't particularly mind the guy, though he said some offensive stuff from time to time, and he can care all he wants to about issues near and dear to him. The reason I'm glad he's moving away is that our local media overplayed him, which gave him too loud a voice in the public debate.

I wonder who, if anyone, will step up and start flogging the various wingnut issues that Fischer liked to pursue. It will be interesting to see if the media pick a new guy to prop up as the go to guy for winger issues, or if someone will assume that role intentionally.


Sisyphus said...

I'm guessing that we can look for Adam Graham to try and fill those shoes.

Julie Fanselow said...

Alan, you hit the nail on the head re the main problem with Fischer. There are a lot of theocratic blowhards out there, but Fischer managed to convince the Boise media that he somehow represented the views of a majority of Idaho families.

alan said...

I don't think that Adam will become the go to guy. He seems pretty shy, and if you've seen him, he's not as telegenic as Fischer. Maybe Brandi Swindell will step up. If we're lucky.

Sisyphus said...

We don't disagree Alan. I said he would 'try' and fill them. I made that assessment based upon how prolific a blogger he is and how he keeps trying to make it pay. Also, he and Bryan seemed to have been chummy recently. I suffer no delusion on Adam's ability to capture the attention of the media market like Fischer did.

Binkyboy said...

Brandi Brandi isn't nearly as wingnutty as Fischer. Her two conservative bona fide's are her stance on abortion and her religion. I also think she's had enough of the limelight.

Yes, I'm defending Brandi Brandi.

As for a replacement, I still say Allen Marsh or possibly David Ripley. Neither are as photogenic as the lying Mr. Fischer, though.

alan said...

David Ripley could be the guy, but I think he's a got a day job.

Maybe it will be Steve Thayn. Could be any of a bunch of religious wingers floating around the area. It will be fun to watch and see if anyone emerges.

slfisher said...

The vote you cite for Walt Minnick voting against an investigation of Nancy Pelosi is a great example of why we want him in office. I know he gets a lot of attention when he votes against Democratic positions, but there's plenty of votes like this one that don't get all the attention that help Democratic causes.