Friday, May 08, 2009

Two things that start with "C" that bug me

Cialis commercials, and capri pants.

Cialis has made as its "brand" two naked people in two old-style bathtubs next to each other. The commercials have placed those tubs out on a lawn, on a beach, at water's edge, in a Zion's National Park-like rock structure, and lately, floating in water.

Somebody decided it's romantic to sit naked in a tub next to your sweetheart, as a prelude to intimacy. I think the whole thing is stupid. Have you ever lounged in a tub like that when it has no water in it? I haven't, but I gotta believe that it's hard and uncomfortable. Plus, probably cold; they're naked. And wouldn't you feel a bit exposed, just looking down at your naked self in a bare dry tub? Outdoors? With your clothes nowhere in sight? That's supposed to put you in the mood? Jeezus.

Next, I don't get Capri pants. This is totally a woman thing, so maybe I'm not expected to understand. Anyway, Capri pants come out when the weather warms up and I've started to see them around Boise, like dandelions. I've never worn them, but, is it really that much cooler when your pants leg stops at mid calf? Is that why women wear them? How much cooler can pants be by leaving off the last 8 inches, but covering up the entire rest of the leg?

Or, do they think it's kind of sexy, showing a bit of lower calf? News flash; it's not sexy. Wanna be sexy, wear shorts, or a skirt.

When I was a kid we laughed at "high-water pants," and to me, that's what Capri pants are. Super high-water. Sorry, but I think they look goofy. Some of them are bell bottomed, and those are really goofy looking. Why don't they just go ahead and pair them with clown shoes; it couldn't be any worse. But, with Capri pants, the clown shoes would have to be the open-toed version.

Does any guy out there like the look of Capri pants on a gal? Anyone?


tippyrich.... said...

First of all, you're right on with the Cialis ad. Ridiculous and turnish offish even if your man has Cialis in his, uh, pocket.

But in defense of wearers of capris, some of us don't have fabulous looking legs, except from mid-calf down. I'm sure you understand that women sometimes dress to feel comfortable with their bodies. That said, you make a good point about the bell bottomed ones. They are super goofy looking, with or without clown shoes!

fortboise said...

Just saw one of the latest Cialis ads. How do you know the tubs are empty?

But even if they're full (after you carried buckets of hot water out onto the deck? Or you had them plumbed in out there?), it's a little short on romantic. No pun intended, of course.

fortboise said...

And then a Viagra ad. (The 60 Minutes demographic is apparently a tonic for ED drug sales.) Almost makes the Cialis ads look tasteful.

Jill Kuraitis said...

My son thinks there should be a ban on commercials having anything to do with "the crotchular region" as he says.

Capris! Yes! Yes, they are significantly cooler than long pants. Something about air circulation - that's all you need to know...

Wimmins is just more practical. When we look at guys-in-ties on a 95-degree day, we are secretly laughing while wearing our cool summer dresses.

And stop looking at our legs. Bunch of dogs, you are.

cheeky said...

"Does any guy out there like the look of Capri pants on a gal?"--sure I do. I like them much better off of her though. ;-)