Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Statesman's woes

I heard on the radio today that the Statesman's circulation is up 1%, but it's important Sunday circulation is down 2%.

If you get the Sunday Statesman, you know why fewer people are reading it; there's almost nothing there to read. In my home, the Sunday Statesman now is mostly a vehicle for delivery of ads that I don't read or want.

I suppose the Statesman is trying to save in newsprint costs, or something, and thus cut back its content to require less paper. Seems a poor decision to me.

Part of my Sunday morning used to be to relax with a cuppa coffee and leisurely read the paper. Well ,now there is so little paper to read that "leisurely" is no longer in the picture. It takes all of about 15-20 minutes to read the entire thing. I then hop over to the internet and catch up on all the other news the Statesman didn't print. My Sunday AM leisure is now mostly in front of a computer screen, which I really don't prefer. I'd rather be relaxing on the sofa.

I wouldn't mind more AP and wire reports and stories. Just give me more to read. I'm thinking about getting the Sunday NY Times, just to have something to read.


Anonymous said...

It'll be a sad day when the 'newspaper' is gone, but it's acomin'. There's barely enough 'news' anymore to line a catbox. The day is not too far distant when you (and your cat) will be curled up together in front of the PC. Best invest in a comfy office chair.

Anonymous said...

The daily Statesman has become nothing more than obituaries and foreclosure notices.


alan said...

The do have lots of obits these days.

ericn1300 said...

The obits and legal notices are all paid for pieces and probably the last reliable form of revenue the paper recieves.