Thursday, April 16, 2009

Danger Will Robinson

I clicked over to Adam's site to see what whackyness the tea bag party inspired in Adam, and got this warning from my virus blocker;

So, be warned. He had this problem a while back as well.

Update: Adam says in the comments that he has the problem fixed already.

Later update; it was rightly pointed out to me that I'm an idiot and confused Will Rogers with Will Robinson.


Adam Graham said...

Alan, you are incredibly predictable.

Here's a post I wrote on Monday:

"Blog updates will be posted at

Yes, I’m award that there’s an issue with Google, and I’m working to resolve it. There’s no need for Alan at Idablue to make a blog post about this and post a screenshot. Not that that ever stopped Alan from doing it… "

The issue has been resolved but Google moves slowly once your site's been hijacked.

fortboise said...

Don't take it personally Adam (but do get it fixed). I posted about it too.

I don't go to your blog often enough to have seen your heads-up ahead of time.

Adam Graham said...

I've already fixed the problem. If you look at Google's updates, they haven't picked up anything there in 3 days, but they're taking their sweet time with the review.

alan said...

Hey, just predictably watching out for my friends and fellow bloggers.

Sisyphus said...

ROTFLMAO. How can we read the issue you're having if we can't access your site? Its the one and only Firefox warning I've ever received and I go to some pretty nefarious sites. I never knew there was a net equivalent for untouchable nerds. But way to kill the messenger.

Anonymous said...

thanks alan for the heads up. can't ever be too careful.