Friday, April 10, 2009

The mind of a wingnut

Tara and MG have been documenting the craziness and hatred found associated with Zeb Bell and his radio broadcast, and they're beginning to have an effect on the Zebster. After complaining about bloggers, Zeb's now started his own blog. In his apparent first post (others were written by a contributor), ol' Zebby decries hate speech:
This blog is intended to counter the umpteen blogs out there that berate Zeb Bell and spew their own HATE SPEECH.
This is clearly aimed at MTG, because at the end of the post, Zebby writes
Now to address the name of this blog Zeb's Rebs. Here is the definition of a rebel; "One who rebels or is in rebellion". In no way does that denote ANY racist belief.
MG took Zebby to task for naming his blog Zeb's Rebs, alluding to a link between between confederate rebels and racism.

I'm coming to this pretty late, and MG's post has a long comment thread discussing the Zeb's blog and one of his contributors, the Iron Yak. Ms. Yak describes herself thus: "I am a typical American Housewife" who has a "multifaceted-brain ." Well, I find this interesting. Ms. Yak views herself as typical. Mainstream, even, I'd guess

MG's thread discusses a blatantly racist cartoon Ms. Yak drew depicting Michelle Obama a Monkey, which Ms. Yak later took down. Not sure why she took it down, but it's flat out unambiguously racist. MG links to it, and here's the link as well.

Ms. Yak has another racist cartoon still posted, shown below. That multi-faceted brain of hers implies that Michelle is a member of a black KKK, which is just weird. Not a typical thought of an American Housewife. Typical of a racist, perhaps.

Zebby and Ms. Yak are a couple of deludinoids, among other things. They think they're typical fine Americans. I guess if they had to admit the truth, they'd find themselves unacceptable, so rather than change their views, they label them normal. Having a popular African-American president elected by a wide margin has got to be deeply upsetting to Zebby and Ms. Yak, as it shown them how out of touch the are with typical, mainstream American values. And to them, I say, turn right and stomp on the throttle, and follow that red Corvette off the cliff.


Tara A. Rowe said...

This woman is NOT the typical housewife!

ericn1300 said...

The really sad thing is that Ms. Yak seems to be not just passing these cartoons on, as so many do on the internet, but she actually appears to be the original artist based on the signature and copyright. Disgusting on so many levels, and more so because such filth originates in Idaho.