Friday, April 24, 2009

The $68,000,000 question

As much fun as it is to watch Gov Otter and the conservative House members scrap over road funding, it's good to bear in mind what hapened last year. You'll recall that the legislature offered to come up with $68 mil for roads, and Otter turned it down, saying it wasn't enough.

Several legislators have referred to that this year. They seem to have the attitude of "Well, since you wouldn't take the $68 mil, fine, buzz off."

And so Otter is vetoing right and left to force them to come with funding. A friend pointed out that Otter may well be trying to force them to cough up more than the $68 mil. If after all these gyrations he still gets less than offered last year, he's going to look kind of foolish.

h/t RJ

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