Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wingers take a loss

Although only barely. Betsy Russell reports that
The House has voted 32-31 against HB 214, a measure from Rep. Judy Boyle, R-Midvale, to issue official state certificates of “fetal death” to women who have early miscarriages or abortions.
Although the wingers tried to sell this as a grief closure measure, it was always obviously an effort to try to expand the definition of "life" as a means to advance an anti-abortion agenda.

It's one thing to advance that agenda, but if you do, at least be honest about it. And if you're not going to behonest, as least give us some credit for intelligence by not coming up with an excuse as stupid as "a government issued certificate will assuage grief." Jeezus. Idahoans hate government.

And for this goofy effort I award Rep. Judy Boyle the coveted IdaBlue Wingnut Award, Absurd Dishonesty Category.


ericn1300 said...

I was glad to see that one fail. Coming down to Sine Diefor the simple minded, single issue Idaho legislatures.

Think Butch will have the brass to call them back in emergency session, which would preclude such nonsense, and actually get our roads fixed? Nah, ain't going to happen.

Alan said...

Correct; it ain't going to happen. In our legislature, it's all about ensuring continuing R rule, not legislating on behalf of the citizens.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! I really wanted that one to pass so we could move on to bigger and better things. Monthly ovulation death certificates for example. And all those young boys out there that kill billions of kids while watching MTV. Are Idahoans really THAT dumb (rhetorical question)? And to think that they got so close... WOW.