Friday, March 27, 2009

Loathsome fool

I've called Bryan Fischer that before in a moment of pique, departing from my usual effort not to use such language. But, his recent applause of the deaths of children has convinced me that this phrase, applied to Fischer, isn't pejorative, it's descriptive.

Chris first brought attention to this, and noted that
Yet Idaho’s media continues to call him for comment on pretty much any political story.
Kevin Richert comments basically neutrally, on Fischer. In the comment section, slfisher says someone ought to pull IVA's Forms 990 and sniff around. Done.

I'm with Chris. I think this is hate speech: "we warned you, if you don't stop doing what we don't like, God will kill your children. And now that they're dead, we told you so. Ha ha." Nice Christianist sentiment.

It just galls the hell out of me that Fischer is so frequently and prominently featured in our media. See, Fischer needs media attention like he needs oxygen. He stays in the spotlight, and that help keep donations rolling in, and keeps him in business. I think the media is borderline complicit in Fischer's hate speech. He probably couldn't keep going without their help.

Here's what I ask; stop going to him for comments on various and sundry political issues. If he does something newsworthy, fine, report it, but he's not a legitimate spokesman for conservative political positions.

Update: TVA takes issue with my statement that Richert's comment was basically neutral, noting that Richert said he was stunned and speechless. Those words can indicate that Richert personally had a negative reaction, and from that I guess you can infer that Richert wasn't being neutral. But, Richert limited his comments to his personal reaction. He did not condemn Fischer's statement, or even talk about it. He reprinted the inflammatory part of the statement and told us of his reaction. Maybe I want too much, but I'd like to see someone with a loud voice, i.e., the trad media, speak out against Fischer. And Zeb Bell. And their ilk.


Julie Fanselow said...

Excellent. And please forgive me for forgetting your earlier work on Fischer's finances. I really want to see a trad media reporter follow up with some updates.

alan said...

Thanks. Personally, I'd love to see the trad media ignore Fisher. Or, have some poor reporter go read as much of Fischer's drivel as they can find, and report on the views he espouses.

fortboise said...

Richert's comment was not "basically neutral." He said he was stunned, and basically speechless.

alan said...

Well, that could mean anything. You can be stunned by ugliness, or by beauty. I've been left speechless by positive experiences. You can read into his statement any number of things. Yes, I took it the same way as you seem to have, but it certainly wasn't a clear condemnation.