Sunday, March 29, 2009

IVA's Supporters

Geoff did some digging, and came up with the following info about who has been supporting Bryan Fischer and the Idaho Values Alliance. I still don't have any info as to who is donating to the IVA, but listed below are contributions in 2006 to an IVA PAC that was apparently formed to support the anti-gay rights Marriage Protection Amendment.

I deleted the addresses and did some highlighting to make it a bit easier to get at the info. Although individual names are listed, many of the contributions were actually by the person's campaign committee. Dates were all in 2006.

IVA Action Fund

Bayer, Clifford Boise ID 83709 $500.00
Crane, Brent Nampa ID 83686 $150.00
Crane, Ron Nampa ID 83653 $1,000.00 1
Denney, Lawerence Midvale ID 83645 $1,000.00
Field, Debbie Boise ID 83706 $500.00
Fulcher, Russell/Kara Meridian ID 83642 $250.00
Harwood, R.J. Dick Saint Maries ID 83861 $200.00
Henderson, Frank Post Falls ID 83877 $250.00
McGee, John Boise ID 83707 $500.00
McKague, Paul Meridian ID 83642 $50.00
McKenzie, Curt Nampa ID 83686 $1,000.00
Milan, Ben Eagle ID 83616 $85.00
Moyle, Mike Meridian ID 83642 $1,000.00
Nonini, Robert Post Falls ID 83827 $500.00
Otter, C.L. "Butch" Boise ID 83701 $1,000.00
Pearce, Monty New Plymouth ID 83655 $400.00
Risch, Jim Boise ID 83702 $500.00 1
Sweet, Gerry Meridian ID 83642 $500.00

Thanks, Geoff


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Indeed, THANKS Geoff. We are all grateful for ur ability to dig up the truth.

slfisher said...

Wonderful. Thank you so much.

So now we need to ask the legislators on that list whether they agree with Fischer that the children who died on that plane deserved it.

Anonymous said...

Does the IVA have any supporters who aren't conservative legislators??? I've always wondered exactly WHO the "Alliance" was comprised of and assumed it was pretty much BF, Ripley, and Swindell. Apparently it's all the Republican blowhards too. Guess it's guaranteed immunity from BF's evangelical target practice.

foundinidaho said...

Um, if John McGee represents Canyon County why does his zip say Boise 83707?


alan said...

McGee probably has a campaign office, or perhaps his treasurer, located at that zip.

Anonymous said...

Or like the article said: "Although individual names are listed, many of the contributions were actually by the person's campaign committee."

Anonymous said...

This contribution list is just the IVA PAC. There is also a 501 c 3 side to the organization.