Sunday, March 01, 2009

Hoffman's column

Reliable target of left wing invective Wayne Hoffman has a column in today's Statesman that, surprisingly, I agree with. Referring to Rep. Hartgen's bill to outlaw, well, most bloggers, Hoffman notes that Hartgren would criminalize critical comments and posts as harassment.

Hoffman argues that vile speech is still constitutionally protected. He also holds up Missouri's law as a better alternative. And for offering a solution, rather than just criticizing as many of us do, Hoffman deserves some kudos.

But I still think he's a wingnut.


Sisyphus said...

Quit enabling him. He's on a reputation rehablitation tour which got a huge leg up when Richert gave him a soapbox. He's trying to "reach out". And he's inviting a recitation on his past transgressions which I'm quite happy to oblige, if only to emphasize his ethical lapses not only as Congressional aide and state employee but also as "reporter". Those acts have consequences and I'm happy to oblige. Hartgen's legislation is a no brainer and he knows it. Hoffman is not now my BFF just because we find ourselves on the same side of ridiculous legislation.

Three political editorials today, all right wing gasbags. Hoffman and the Statesman get no cover from me because Hoffman happens to agree with us on this narrow point.

Alan said...

I try to encourage good behavior when I can. I only gave him credit for a good opinion this time, not be generally being a good guy. Like I said, I still think he's a wingnut.

fortboise said...

It was Richert doing the enabling, arguably, but lookit: whether he had to or not, Hoffman is putting on a civilized act.

If he keeps it up, he might actually come to be a decent guy instead of just acting like one.

fortboise said...

Great photo, btw. :-)

alan said...

Thanks. I use it when I bestow my Wingnut Award, but it seemed approprite here, sans award.