Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Heard on BSU radio

This AM driving to work, BSU radio featured a quote from Bryan Fisher, and I gotta wonder, what color is the sky in his world. Fisher was talking about President Obama lifting the ban on stem cell research.

He said, and this may not be exact, because when he said it I heard a whooshing sound and all vision narrowed to a pinpoint for a moment, as I apparently entered an alternate universe, but it's close.

Fischer said that Obama's decision "was ideological and not based on science." Unbelievable. Maybe I didn't hear a couple of words that could transform that into something I could understand, like, "not based on THE WAR on science" that prevailed the last 8 years. It's also ridiculous for BSU Radio to give that ossified ideologue a public platform. Fischer also spouted off something about "the culture of death" that now exists since Obama took office.

But wait, maybe he fits right in at BSU. A couple of other local stories aired at the same time, instead of 10 minutes of Morning Addition, involved an Oregon bill about school yard bullies, and about donkey basketball in Kuna. Ridiculously trivial.

Update: Apparently this is now an official talking point. Rove is saying the same thing. Even worse; thanks BSU Radio, for uncritically airing a Republican talking point. When you gonna give some air time to the other side?

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Binkyboy said...

Stem Cell research basics:

1) It isn't aimed towards finding cures. The research itself might directly result in cures, or it might be used by other scientists to find cures, but there is no guarantee of any sort of cure.

2) It doesn't kill any more embryos than the standard In Vitro process. There are always extra embryos and most of them are destroyed at some point, anyway.

3) The research has resulted in incredible findings.

There is more, but I'm in no mood to think about this.