Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Go ahead and say it

We told you so.

The Post-Register has an opinion up pointing out the ongoing damage to Idaho schools caused by Jim Risch's revenue swap from property to sales taxes. Their funding has been destabilized, and we may well start seeing school district seeking new bond/revenue measures.

Julie has more here.

Also, Kevin Richert notes that the budget cutbacks to education may well require school districts to try to seek more property tax revenue.
Faced with that prospect, I fully expect districts will go the voters and ask them to approve property tax levies to help them keep teachers. Remember the two-year, $20 million levy Meridian voters OK'd earlier this month? More districts will certainly follow suit.

These levies will either keep a property tax levy in place — or result in a property tax increase. That, friends, is a tax hike during a recession. To pay for schools while Otter sits on a $114 million public schools rainy-day account.
Tough times for schools. I wonder if voters will hold Republicans accountable for this?


Anonymous said...

Do Idaho voters EVER hold republicans accountable???

alan said...

Good point. Doesn't seem like it.