Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fox in the hen house

I read this article with amazement. Eagle's mayor nominated Jeanne Jackson-Heim to fill the vacant city council position, and she was unanimously approved by the city council. What could they be thinking?

Jackson-Heim is the Executive Director of the Idaho Real Estate Commission. Per it's web site, the Commissioners must be actively licensed as a broker and have at least 5 years experience as such.

Given the city council's oversight of the planning and zoning function, it seems to me that Ms. J-H is a walking, talking conflict of interest. Perhaps she is the most fair person in the world. I don't know her. Given her background as a broker, and her current job, she is so immersed in the real estate world that it can't help but color her views, and probably her judgment.

It seems like a crazy choice.


Anonymous said...

It's just normal Idaho back scratching. Up here in Valley County we have given all of our School construction contracts to Petra. Funny thing is one of their Sub's is on the school board. At one meeting last year they voted not to even open the bid to other contractors. Seems fishy doesn't it. Our new High School in McCall will cost us 14 Million dollars and only fits 85 more kids. I would watch the Fox very closely.

alan said...

That's a great story. Does seem a bit fishy.