Monday, March 30, 2009

Fischer's follies

Or, more accurately, the folly of some high school teacher who may be well intentioned but probably doesn't realize what s/he's getting into here. Fischer's latest foray into public education. (Emphasis mine.)

But vestiges of true academic freedom remain, some right here in the Treasure Valley.

I’ll have the privilege this week, at the invitation of a science teacher, to spend two hours with science students at one of the valley’s public high schools looking with them at some of the scientific data that raises serious questions about evolutionary theory.

My presentation will focus on science, not religion, and virtually every quote I will use in my presentation is from a scientist who is a committed evolutionist yet nevertheless admits there are serious problems with one facet of evolutionary theory or another.

Our nation was founded on the “self-evident truth” that there is a “Creator” who is the source of our fundamental and “inalienable” rights. (It will be perfectly constitutional, by the way, to talk about the “Creator” in public school classrooms as long as it is constitutional to talk about the Declaration of Independence. In fact, we are compelled to.)

Our public school students deserve to know if the worldview that launched the greatest nation in the history of the world is a scientifically defensible one. I trust that this week open-minded students at this Treasure Valley high school will realize the answer to this question is a solid “Yes.”
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slfisher said...

He did this last year too, didn't he?

Binkyboy said...

Yes he did. I'm still trying hard to find out where/who.

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