Friday, March 27, 2009

Fischer's Finances

I took a look at IVA's most recent non-profit filing, which has info from 2007. I didn't have access to the info showing his donors, so I can't help there. But, here are a few tidbits. Nothing really surprising or notable, to my mind.

First, here's the income and expenses summary. Fischer is paying himself $47,750 a year.

IVA admits it lobbys.

If there's anything I quibble with, it's this. I think his daily internet screed proably is an effort to influence the general public, and block "e" should be marked yes instead of no. That would increase the amount he spends on lobbying by $1,500, which is what he spent on computer and internet expense. I don't think that increase would change his reporting or status.

The last line above says "see statement 7" for a description of his activities. Statement 7 below.

Pretty unremarkable.

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Anonymous said...

You left out the section of the 990 where he discloses the salary he pays himself.

The $54 costs for lobbying is remarkable low, actually inaccurate. But, it is consistent with the form filed at the Idaho Secretary of State's office.

What's at question is whether he should disclose what percent of his salary, overhead and other costs towards lobbying? Read the IRS instructions and you get the impression that he should.

Indeed, the 990 filing by the Idaho Conservation League is instructive because it shows tens of thousands of dollars spent on lobbying. A round number, like $35,000 one year. But look at the ICL lobbyist expense reports with the Idaho SOS and you get zeros. My conclusion is ICL is disclosing their salary costs for lobbying on their 990 but IVA (Fischer) does not. He only posts the costs of buying meals when lobbying legislators.