Thursday, March 12, 2009

Alternate universe

I guess I really did enter an alternate reality when I heard Fischer say that Obama's stem cell decision was ideological and not based on science. Because for the second time lately, I find myself in agreement with our Red brethren. First it was Wayne Hoffman, and now this.

Adam writes

The Republican Majority has rested on its laurels and left in a place a tax system that seems like a leftover from the Progressive Era. And the only jobs we can attract to our state are jobs that come because they get away with relatively low pay due to the wage environment.

If you want people to come and do business in Idaho because of being a good climate for business, you have got to fundamentally reform the tax structure and make it into something that makes sense. Simplify it, streamline it, clean it up.
I agree, our Republican super majority has been pretty backward and reactionary about tax policy. Plus, the legislature has written loopholes that some personally benefit from, like the sales tax exemption for farmers and ranchers.

And all the budget and tax problems lie squarely at the Republicans' feet.

Do the right thing. Repeal sales tax exemptions, tax services, don't tax groceries, and lower the tax rate.

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