Monday, February 09, 2009


Lately I've been spending my time supporting the Special Olympics World Winter Games.  I'm doing this because I'm in the Idaho Army National Guard, and it's my duty.  (And it's why my blog hasn't been updated so much lately.)  I'll admit, I didn't have that great of an attitude going in, but that has changed.

I'm at the McCall venue, snowshoeing, and I thought, man, that's got to be slow.  Well, I was wrong.  Yeah, there are some of the competitors who aren't too speedy, and to whom the appellation "athlete" really doesn't apply, but there are others to whom whom that title clearly does apply.

Check this out.  It's 22 seconds, the first half of which is title cards, so hang in there for 11 seconds.  But that last half ... Remember, these guys are running in snowshoes.

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