Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Town hall meeting

I went to a town hall meeting last night called by the legislators in my district, Russ Fulcher, Rich Jarvis, and Clifford Bayer. About 70 attended.

The session consisted mostly of saying that the stimulus money seems to be coming, but we don't anything about it or what effect it will have. Had lots of complaints about "strings" attached to the money. The mood with the legislators and the attendees was that the stimulus money is Trojan Horse. Once we accept it, we could be doomed. DOOOOMED!

The biggest applause line was when someone said the State out to get out of the liquor business.

Jarvis asked for a show of hands as to who would agree with raising taxes on beer and alcohol, and lots of hands shot up. Then, someone said "by how much," and that got echoed around, and then hands dropped.

I guess they heard some stuff the was helpful, but they didn't hear anything contrary. No one, for instance, asked Sen Fulcher that since he voted against extending equal protection to gays and lesbians on the ground that the behavior is a choice, whether he would support taking protection away from religion, which is also behavioral.

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